April 21, 2003

Brian Perry's e-mail explaining his three prank posters, presented here with his permission and without comment:

Hello, I've learned from your examples, and through a combination of imagery and text that the anti-war folks find irresistible, I have succeeded in having three entries accepted into the brushstroke.tv anti-war poster contest. The unfortunate thing for them is that my images range from pro-war to nearly nonsense. Exposed biases and ignorance, anyone? Here are links to my entries and a brief write-up on each one. [Whoops! These have been taken down too. Click here for details.]

"Think of the children"

Celebrating Iraqi children on an Abrams tank. The text is a sentimental throwaway phrase. I guess the juxtaposition of the kids and the tank is good enough to be considered anti-war, regardless of whether the children have been freed from a brutal dictator by said tank, and whether the kids are happy to be there. Huh. Just make the tank red, do some scary image degradation, color the text with scary colors, add some pablum, and blammo! It's an anti-war poster.

"Don't trust anyone over 80"

Donald Rumsfeld close up. A takeoff on the familiar '60s saying to not trust anyone over 30, this frightening red Donald Rumsfeld invites sneering. Only one problem -- Rumsfeld is 72, suckaz. Additionally, what could anti-war types find offensive about people older than 80? Madness!


Mohammed Al-Douri in blue. Right off the bat, a blatantly false statement that anti-war types would want so badly to be true they let it go. To make things worse, the text is on top of the Iraqi UN ambassador who blasted us at the security council and then, as soon as Baghdad fell, stated that "Americans are good people" and that he loved New York. And to consider the America-bashing he spouted at the UN as "dissent" -- that is total wackjob territory.

So that's all for the time being. I didn't think the anti-war crowd had much credibility, but this takes it up a notch. These echo-chamber groupies have completely traded reason for hatred of America. They are the ones who are so intelligent and reasoned in their arguments, and yet they pass this stuff as legit. Thanks for the link. I hope I win the gift certificate!

--------Brian Perry

P.S. Two of my entries were declined. The first was a close up of Pres. Bush with the text "There's no 'Oil' in Democracy." The second was Jacques Chirac with the phrase "Don't blame me -- I vetoed for Chirac." Not sure why they were rejected, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Posted by Jim Treacher at April 21, 2003 10:37 AM