April 21, 2003

I was talking to Kevin Parrott about that peace poster contest I tried to enter, and we decided to collaborate on a poster. We wanted something that would squeeze as many dumb ideas about the war as possible into one indelible image. Something so irrational, so wrongheaded, so jaw-droppingly stupid that it would serve as a litmus test between those with genuine concerns about the war and the seething, traffic-blocking cranks who think Bush is the worst guy who ever lived. Something that would make Ted Rall jump up and go, "Yeah!" Something that would make Ann Coulter puke with revulsion, assuming she actually had anything travelling through her alimentary canal that week.

Plus, hey, Amazon.com gift certificate for 1st place. Why not?

I came up with the basic concept and slogans, Kevin did the other 95% of the work, and we submitted it under the gender-neutral nom de goof of "Lee Rittner." Our entry didn't win anything, but I think it's pretty funny anyway:

So, did anybody else pull off a peace poster prank?

(Note: Within hours of this post, our entry was removed from the contest.)

Posted by Jim Treacher at April 21, 2003 09:34 AM