April 11, 2003

The mighty COOP has asked me to pass along this correction:

Hey, Treacher, you no-fish-n-chips-having, born insecure, rat soup-eatin' motherfucker, at least give me my props when you post that "DRUNKARDS FOR MILLIONAIRE" logo! ["DRUNKARDS FOR HELLMAN," but okay. -- JT]

Shit, bitch, don't make me get out my talcum powder, coz then you know you gonna get BITCH-SLAPPED!! [I think this is a line from a pimp movie or something. More of a reader, myself. -- JT]

Did I mention that COOP is awesome?

Update: That line is from the 2001 Method Man/Redman buddy comedy about smoking drugs, How High. (Good eye, Mom!)

Posted by Jim Treacher at April 11, 2003 05:13 PM