March 28, 2003

Another music video on Iraq Satellite Channel.
The lip-syncher this time is younger and slimmer, but he doesn't seem
to know the words very well. And the images, the glorious images!
Saddam in front of a group of dancing men, shooting a rifle in the air;
Saddam flanked by guards, shooting a rifle in the air; Saddam seated at
a desk cluttered with papers and such in the middle of a crowded
outdoor plaza... shooting a rifle in the air. The rifle theme
dominates. I imagine the video editor lost at least a hand or two,
because there's a bottle of water on that desk, and at one point Saddam
almost knocks it over but catches it at the last second. Should have
cut that part out, bud. If he'd actually spilled the water and they
showed it in the video, you just know some dudes would be having a
little chat with Mr. Shredder.

Posted by Jim Treacher at March 28, 2003 09:58 AM