March 27, 2003

[Insert hacky headline using pop-culture reference that has the word "rock" in it and replacing it with the word "Iraq"]

I just watched a few minutes of the Iraq Satellite Channel (instructions for viewing it on the Web here),
and it's some interesting stuff. Just now they showed some sort of
music video, with a rather portly gentleman who resembled Morris Day
halfheartedly lip-synching to a peppy tune, interspersed with various
clips of Saddam Hussein interacting with his loving subjects. There's
Saddam smiling and waving from a balcony; there's Saddam smiling and
waving in the middle of a cheering crowd; there's Saddam smiling and
making "All this for me?" gestures to a line of dancing
children; etc. I don't speak non-American, but I think the lyrics to
the song went a little something like this: Check it out, Saddam is here
How can the infidels say he's not awesome
Look at him in that shot right there
Let's see George Bush rock a sweater vest and porkpie like that
Please, Allah, I don't want to die
Saddam says my family will be okay if I sing this
Which goes back to him being awesome like I said earlier
Here I am, rock you like my man Hussein

Posted by Jim Treacher at March 27, 2003 02:09 PM