March 25, 2003

Now it's getting entertaining. In These Times (link courtesy of TV Barn) rips the lid off the "Why in the world would anybody boo Michael Moore?" controversy:

Most of the Hollywood audience smiled and applauded, but stagehands, who were close to the microphones, booed loudly, making it appear to a television listener that Moore’s criticism of President Bush was not well received.
Well, I can't get their comments feature to work for some reason, but here's what I was going to reply:
A handful of stagehands drowned him out, that's pretty good. But why stop there? The real truth that the facist corporate-owned media is afraid to tell us is that the whole crowd was really cheering the whole time. Yeah! When Moore had the guts to speak out against "the fictition of duct tape," the crowd leapt to its feet! Ben Affleck clapped so hard he shattered his right ulna, Salma Hayek began ululating and manifesting the wounds of Christ, and several other major Hollywood stars were seen collapsing in a fit of near-Pentecostal ecstasy. But then those Oscar Nazis plugged in some canned booing, and replaced the footage of Moore's standing O with earlier shots of Harrison Ford sitting on his hands and Adrien Brody looking contemplative and achingly soulful during the award for Best Key Grip. Why? So the Red states won't stop going to the movies.

Cowards! Why is the media afraid of the TRUTH?!?

Posted by Jim Treacher at March 25, 2003 09:13 AM