March 24, 2003

Another Michael Moore thing, this one from the Sydney Morning Herald:

In an interview after the show, Moore said he did not hear the jeers. "I was extremely grateful for the response," he said. "I mean, that's not what I saw. I saw the entire place stand up and applaud. I mean, don't report that. Don't say there was a split decision in the hall because five loud people booed. Do your job and tell the truth."
Uh... I don't know if anybody bothered to tell you, Mike, but... YOU WERE ON LIVE TV ALL OVER THE WORLD. You weren't talking to a bank teller in Michigan, guy. You can't go into the editing room and fix it. You were accepting an Oscar in front of God and everybody. We all saw what happened, as it happened. It's one thing if you want to say the crowd was wrong to resoundingly boo you off the stage. (Not the whole crowd, of course -- not the big shots like Harrison Ford and, uh, Lou Gossett -- just the average joes in the cheap seats, the type of folks you claim to speak for.) If you want to say that they should have kept cheering even after you opened your mouth, best of luck with that. But when you just blatantly, reflexively make shit up like that, it only reinforces the idea that you're in your own little world. Talk about "fictition." Oh, wait, Moore is never going to read this. Never mind. Anyway, I think Poniewozik puts it best:
If Moore really wants to end the war -- and not just boost the spirits of his Upper West Side neighbors -- then mightn't he also want to win over people who oppose the war and yet don't believe that Bush is an illegimate president swept into office by skullduggery? Is he so insulated that he doesn't realize people like that exist? Or are people like that simply not simon-pure enough for him to want them in his antiwar movement? ...A lot of smart people agree with you. But if someone disagrees with you, are they not worth allying with against the war? Would you rather have a war in Iraq than pass up a chance to bring up Florida again?

Come to think of it, Fametracker puts it even better than that:

"Hi, I'm Michael Moore. It's a good thing you gave me an award for Best Documentary Feature and recognized the one thing I do better than anyone else: championing popular causes in such a way that even those people who agree with me fundamentally despise me for acting as their public spokesman. But I don't care! 'Sense of occasion'? What's that? 'Speaking persuasively and making cogent arguments instead of screeching slogans'? I've never tried that before -- why start now?"
Posted by Jim Treacher at March 24, 2003 04:20 PM