March 13, 2003

Millionaire's Last Stand?

In the TCJ thread
about that "feather-headed douchebags" Maakies strip that's causing a
fuss, Tony Millionaire passes along the following e-mail. Just to set
the scene, Terminal City is a free weekly in Vancouver, BC that publishes the strip:

kakilani brigoli wrote: This email is to inform you that we are taking action against Terminal City for it's editorial cartoon that promotes racism against North American Native people indigenous to this continent. as well, it takes advantage of, and abuses, the right to freedom of press, freedom of speech. We are asking Terminal City to print a retraction or an apology, as well as, the name of the cartoonist. If this is not forthcoming, then we will fax all post secondary student unions, First Nations student union offices, First Nations bands and political organizations and other activist organizations to boycott Terminal City's advertisers and we will pull all Terminal City newspapers from all drop off spots. Notices are being sent out to all advertisers with a copy of the 'cartoon.' We understand that you have already been approached by a staff member of one of our First Nations organizations and your reply that the cartoon was simply comedic in nature (not the exact wording). Today, post-September 11 and with the possible advent of war, there is no excuse for this type of descriminatory editorial hidden by a pseudonym, hidden by use of caricature.
All that over this? So now I guess somebody's going to do a counter-protest over this... (I'm still trying to figure out what "the '80s, the White People Hair Decade" means. Were the '80s the decade of white people with hair? People with white hair? Or "white" hairstyles? The decade when white people who currently do not have hair had hair?)
Posted by Jim Treacher at March 13, 2003 08:23 AM