March 12, 2003

Tony Millionaire drew a comic strip mocking certain negative stereotypes about Native Americans and the people who indulge in those stereotypes, and now somebody's big heap torked off:

Wow thank-you so much for running that cartoon depicting Indians as "Feather loving douche Bags" you really are person of high education and values. If only we could all step back to ignorance like you have, I am sure this world would be a much better place to live. Why did you run this cartoon? I don't know, just realize it just truly shows the type of person it takes to want to print something of this trashy nature in that issue. I wish you the best of luck in the future because I know you are going to need it with your racist views on our multicultural society. Linsey Ernst Employment Counsellor, ACCESS Aboriginal Community Career & Employment Services Society
You think that's bad? You should see Ted Rall's strip about "Terror Wigwams"!
Posted by Jim Treacher at March 12, 2003 06:31 AM