June 13, 2003

Too many feuds

My blogweek just keeps getting better and better. Looks like that "Capozzola for Senate" thing in my ad section is a wacky joke, part of some sort of blogfeud. Because there haven't been enough blogfeuds lately...

Turns out that James Capozzola, a name I didn't recognize when I accepted the ad, runs a blog called The Rittenhouse Review, which I don't read but I recognize the name. Apparently he is not liked by whoever runs another blog I don't read called Marduk's Babylonian Musings. Marduk is the name of a person (I think), and he or she created the ad as some sort of practical joke (I think). I don't know either one of them, so when I got an e-mail saying somebody wanted to buy a blogad, and I checked out the ad and it wasn't dirty or anything, I figured why not: Ad Accepted. Now I'm finding out it's some kind of slam on this Capozzola guy. And Capozzola says it's not even him in the picture, which I also noticed in this post as I was scrolling down just now. (I noticed the picture itself, not that it wasn't Capozzola. I have no idea what Capozzola looks like. And I'm not sure what the hoagie thing is about. Anyway, it's hilarious enough on its own without me trying to explain it, don't you think?)

To Mr. Capozzola, I have to apologize for not realizing that you are famous or something. If you want me to have the ad taken down, let me know and I'll ask the Blogads folks what they can do. To Mr. or Ms. Marduk, congratulations on a funny prank, and thanks for the ad money if I end up getting to keep it. And to anybody else who wants to duke it out in my ads, I'm obviously not very discriminating.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to defend my Bumfights title. This guy with a video camera gave me a bottle of Jack and told me he was my friend!

Update: Maybe it's just this crappy week of getting dragged into a stupid-ass slapfight that had nothing to do with me, and then getting yelled at when I didn't salute properly, but this is bugging me and I'm going to spew about it some more. I guess next time I won't get so excited when somebody buys an ad. It's kind of like giving a little kid a candy bar, and then he opens up the wrapper and it's a dog turd. Except I bit into it before I opened it. Actually, it could be argued that I ate the whole thing in front of everybody and didn't even know anything was wrong. Although that seems pretty unlikely if you've ever tried to eat a dog turd inside a candy wrapper. Which I'm guessing nobody has. What I'm so succinctly trying to say is, no analogy is perfect.

Dear "Blogosphere":



Updated Update: Okay, I figured out what it's like. It's like paying a homeless guy $20 to carry around a sign making fun of your neighbor who you don't like for whatever stupid reason. For a month. What does the bum care, right? Twenty bucks is twenty bucks, he should be happy to get it. Oh, and while I'm bitching about this, was I supposed to know who Capozzola is? Good thing his first name isn't Moxie or I'd really be embarrassed.

Update Update Update: Wait, Marduk is the one with the big yellow ad at Layne's and a bunch of other places, right? Hadn't made the connection. Discretionary income, must be nice.

What's with All the Updates: More about Marduk's ad budget. And then on top of that, he buys more ads linking to somebody he doesn't like to spite them. It's not enough to fight it out on your own blog? You have to take your bullshit to somebody else's? Somebody who in all likelihood doesn't know or care anything about your sad little vendetta? I guess it's not exactly solid marketing technique to piss all over an advertiser, but right now I don't care. The point isn't who's right or wrong in whatever the hell their beef is. The point is, it's not my fight. I shouldn't get dragged into it just because I really needed the twenty bucks. Hell, sixteen bucks after Blogads takes their cut.

One Last Update: And I haven't even started drinking yet. This is your brain on Not Giving A Shit.

One Last Update II: Speaking of me being an idiot, I hadn't even noticed the day and date. Well, I noticed it, but I hadn't thought about it. No wonder I got black cats and stepladders everywhere I go.

One Last Update Vs. Jason: Thanks to Marduk for changing the ad.

Posted by Jim Treacher at June 13, 2003 03:37 PM