June 25, 2003

Anybody know what's going on with Lileks today? I hope it's nothing like this Moxie vs. Moxie crap. Although in his first paragraph, that's what I thought he was talking about:

My God, people can be vile. I hate to realize sometimes how naive I can be, how I can still be surprised at someone’s ability to put the screws to their fellow man - er, person - for reasons so petty you couldn’t find them with an electron microscope. One silly minor person sets her jaw, decides to show someone what’s what, and the effect cascades through the lives of half a dozen other people.

But it's something else, sounds like. Very ominous. Hope everything's okay at Jasperwood.

And Layne's taking his annual summer blogging break, or slowdown, or whatever. That's sounding more and more like a good idea every minute. He's also working on another book, which is good news for anybody who's read Dot.Con.

Update: Lileks says...

Thanks for asking. Most everything is fine, and what isn't will be soon. And this has nothing to do with my job vs. my website, as some are speculating. Nor is this Moxiesque in any way.

More tomorrow, I hope.

Update-and-a-half: Turns out his wife got fired. He doesn't go into the reasons, beyond the above quote, but it sounds pretty bad. Too much of that going around. And it was the day before they were going to close on their mortgage, too. Well, whatever positive energy I have left, it's going out to them. Let's hope she lands on her feet. Hell, I'll bet she has a bunch of job offers by this time tomorrow. The Bleat rings near and far.

The Updates, it's like whatever: And congrats to Matt Welch on winning the awards that he won. It's weird how he writes these serious, thoughtful articles, and then you see his pictures...

Posted by Jim Treacher at June 25, 2003 07:56 AM