June 26, 2003

The Rodd Keith story gives me an idea

I can't write music, but I can write words. To try to get more than five people to hit the subscription button, how about this: Sign up for $1 a month, and I will write 100 words on the topic of your choice.* 100 words might not sound like much, but neither does 100 pennies. Let's make the topic itself part of the 100 words, just to keep you from going nuts with the specifics and such. I can't guarantee it'll be funny or interesting or anything else, but the total number of words will be no less than 100. (Everything up through the previous sentence, not counting the header, was 100 words. Just to give you an idea.) If I'm feeling generous or you're the only one to subscribe that day or week or ever, maybe I'll write more. I promise not to just write "turdies" 100 times or anything like that. And it will be yours all yours, with its own URL that you can show to all your friends and go, "Ha ha, Treacher is desperately stupid and poor." I'll even throw in a header and a link to whatever you want me to link to, free of charge. I should probably think of name for this, like with Gawker and "Gawker Stalker." I don't know... "Treach-Whore," maybe?

This is almost certain to be a total disaster and earn me even more enemies, but why not. Maybe it'll actually be fun before somebody decides to ruin it.


*First come first served, don't try to rush me, no refunds, give me a name you want me to credit it to, donating more than $1 is an awesome idea but YOU STILL NEED TO CLICK THE SUBSCRIPTION BUTTON TO GET THE 100 WORDS, you can suggest a format or genre but I am under absolutely no obligation to comply, if you don't like your entry I reserve the right to post your whiny e-mail so everybody can laugh at what a cheap jerk you are, more rules probably to come as people think of unforeseen ways to be unpleasant, etc.

Posted by Jim Treacher at June 26, 2003 12:51 PM