July 03, 2003


I just thought of that word as I was watching the 47th Highlander movie on USA Network (because it's either that or worry some more about how I'm going to get evicted, for real, so I might as well enjoy some quality cable programming while I still can). The terrible actor who played the Highlander guy on the TV show chopped off the head of the terrible actor who played the Highlander guy in the first 46 movies, I'm not sure why he did that but so what, and then the TV Highlander stood there on some rooftop in Toronto or wherever, shuddering and shaking and going "Unnhhhhh!" with his head thrown back, lightning bolts and sparks shooting all over the place. And then near the end of the movie, when he cut off the head of the bad guy because that's what you do, they even gave him some kind of glowy ILM cumshot going all the way up into the clouds. Therefore, "swordgasm." Also, the new Dell pretty-boy is even more obnoxious than the old one. There, I posted something.

Posted by Jim Treacher at July 3, 2003 09:49 AM