July 16, 2003

Treach-Whore*: You Requested It, You Name It

Sean Collins wants me to write about: "Your favorite band of the moment."

I don't really have one, but I can't stop listening to The American Song-Poem Anthology: Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush. (Relax... Amazon gift certificate. Birthday present.) The whole song-poem phenomenon is fascinating to me. Thousands of sad, lonely people desperately crying out to an uncaring world, every once in a while producing timeless art purely by accident. Not that us bloggers would know anything about that. Well, I'd much rather listen to, say, "I Lost My Girl to an Argentinian Cowboy" than read an Atrios post. No offense, Atrios. I mean Eschaton. Whichever.

I'm also liking this here MP3 I'm listening to as I type this. It's a mashup of Gary Numan's "Are 'Friends' Electric?" and Adina Howard's "Freak Like Me," as covered by a British pop group called the Sugababes. I'd never heard of them or the mashup until somebody on the Fametracker boards recommended it, but apparently it was a huge hit last year everywhere but America. (Why They Hate Us: Reason #1,572!) It's right up there with the Nirvana/Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera/Strokes mashups, if you ask me or even if you don't. So if you want to hear a 15-year-old girl warbling stuff like "Boy, you're moving kind of slow/Gotta keep it up, now, there you go" over ice-cold synths and distorted video-game noises, and I sure do, get one of your friends who doesn't mind breaking the law to download it for you. (And here's a Village Voice article about it by somebody who actually knows what they're talking about.)

Posted by Jim Treacher at July 16, 2003 08:56 AM