July 23, 2003

Because Pot Holder™ was demographically unsound or something, I guess

Flak Magazine unflinchingly examines the wasted comedic potential of those Arby's ads with the talking oven mitt. (Whose name is... Oven Mitt™. Not Mitty™, or Dermitt™, or Mitch the Mitt™, or anything that would take half a second to think up. Oven Mitt™. Fuck "Ronald McDonald," they should just start calling him "Red-Headed Pedophile." Wait, Carrot Top might sue, never mind.) I could have sworn it was Jim Belushi doing the voice and not Tom Arnold, but why nitpick? They're both equally talented.

One issue that even Flak was too scared to address: What's up with Arby's implicit endorsement of the sexual practice known as "fisting"?

Posted by Jim Treacher at July 23, 2003 01:27 AM