July 27, 2003

You'll never blog alone

Michele at A Small Victory just finished up her blogathon, raising money for Magen David Adom. I guess the idea is to post at least once every half-hour for 24 hours. Michele's all like, "Wait, I do that every day anyway. I can post more than once every half-hour, right?" Scroll down and watch her grow gradually saner and saner as it gets closer to the last time she got any sleep. Or, as she put it:

70 posts
24 hours
Over $14,000
3 pots of coffee
two packs of cigarettes

One more hour to go.

My vision is blurred.

Did you have fun? I did.

In addition to her posts about various pop-culture stuff from the '60s, '70s, and '80s (as well as slams against the French, just for fun), she's also got some guest-posts, like Roger Simon and Jeff Jarvis talking about 20th Century music, Kevin Parrott talking about 20th Century poop-catching apparel, Ben Weasel providing a quick overview of the last 35 years, and Warren Ellis taking a break from his webcam to explain why Warren Ellis is so great. There's something for everyone, even you! Jim Bob says check it out.

P.S. You can still donate until tomorrow.

Posted by Jim Treacher at July 27, 2003 12:47 PM