July 28, 2003

It took a while, but I think we're finally back

"...Now is the time to give it all up. To give up hatred, give up grudges, give up differences, because it's not worth it. To spend our lives disliking someone or something, or have grudges... [when] our own world is so small? If everyone doesn't come to their senses and realize we've got to let all that go, then they're blind. They're as blind as the people who are killing us. I've had my problems with whoever I've had them with, and whoever had their problem with me or Limp Bizkit. [But] I'm a human being, and I'm prepared to step up to that. All of my differences are gone now. I care about you being alive, and I want you to care about me being alive. Who knows what the world has to bring in the future? Right now, it's f---ing unbelievable. It makes me want to cry. I don't know if it's a thing that we'll forget about later, but I'll guarantee you that you don't just raise your flag right now. You don't believe in it right now, ... that's not enough. Everybody does that after each war. For a minute, everybody unites, then it's back to the same old, same old. We can't go back anymore. It's too real. If we decide to bond now, I think we have to do it forever. If we don't do it forever, then we are going to be gone."
-- Fred Durst, 9/29/01

...It was easy to predict a rough reception for the rap-rock has-beens when a significant segment of the crowd booed a mention of the band by previous openers Linkin Park. When Limp Bizkit actually appeared around 7 o'clock, the boos intensified, and some fans pelted the stage with garbage.

The famously brainless Durst only fanned the flames, first encouraging the catcalls and flying trash, then swerving into a bizarre tirade against the crowd and city. Ranting that he'd fight anyone in earshot and spluttering explicit sexual putdowns, uncreative curses and ludicrous homophobic slurs, Durst simply self-destructed. Had the villain in "The Wizard of Oz" been a vile little boob like Durst rather than a snarly old lady in greenface, the movie's "I'm melting!" scene might have looked like this.
-- The Chicago Sun-Times, 7/28/03

Posted by Jim Treacher at July 28, 2003 03:43 PM