August 31, 2003

See, it's not so difficult

I e-mailed Melissa (No last name given) to ask what she meant when she said, "That hypocrite Treacher just made the Moxiepop scandal worse" (see below). This was the e-mail I got back, which she requested I publish in full:

Mr. Treacher,

I apologize for what I posted on Dawn Olsen's site. I was wrong. I didn't know the full story, and I was misguided by certain people in that circle who seem to have it out for you. I'll admit, I didn't read everything before I posted that response because I just made an assumption as to your character and the character of Madison Slade from what was posted by others (Madison herself, Dawn Olsen, [Name removed by request]*, etc.)

I have gone back through the archives and read more about it and see now that I and the others in the circle were, are, and continue to be, wrong. I apologize. I made an ass of myself, trying to put down someone (you) who was in the right. I feel like an idiot. I invite your readers to e-mail me ( for a better explanation of why I have "switched sides," as it were. I was wrong, and I am woman enough to admit it and make amends.

Thank you,

Apology accepted, and appreciated.

* Melissa has since received the following request, which she passed along to me:

i would like you to tell this "jim treacher" person to remove my name from your letter to him, or i will be pursuing legal action.

i don't want to be mentioned on his website. whoever this guy is, he's a very sick individual.

Done! Didn't realize it would be a problem, but if you don't want to be publicly associated with them, I can certainly understand. Oh, and no hard feelings about the "you pathetic man" stuff.

Posted by Jim Treacher at August 31, 2003 03:42 PM