September 10, 2003

Heck, at this point I'm just glad to see I still have 53 readers left.

So what else has been going on?

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 10, 2003 02:18 PM

dodgers are 2 games back in the wild card. i'm gonna go to lunch pretty soon. weather is great out here. i may have to put gas in the motorcycle. after exchanging my e-machines for the 4th time i finally got one that works right.

besides that not much.

btw, who the hell is yvonne?

Posted by: kool keith at September 10, 2003 03:00 PM

Um.... actually, you only have 28 readers. 25 of us voted twice before they plugged that loophole...

Posted by: pappy at September 10, 2003 03:54 PM

I voted for you, Jim. I think you're going to be the prettiest Homecoming Queen this town has ever seen.

Wait. Wrong poll.

Posted by: Kevin Parrott at September 10, 2003 05:15 PM

hey, when are you going to be funny again? just wondering...

Posted by: otolathe at September 11, 2003 08:13 AM


Posted by: Jim at September 11, 2003 08:19 AM

What's been going on with me? Besides getting turned down by little boys I want to sodomize at the comic shop.

Posted by: Jimmy Treacher at September 11, 2003 09:15 AM

Well, good luck with that!

Posted by: Jim at September 11, 2003 11:46 AM

Is the above from THE jimmytreacher? The one who called me a she-male but couldn't be bothered to spell out "DeGeneres?" Because I will accept no substitutes.

Posted by: ilyka at September 11, 2003 11:47 AM

Today I made a startling discovery:

Every time you order a coffee beverage, and use more than six syllables to do it, God kills a kitten.

(If ordering an Americano, you get 8 syllables, but you also gain a day in purgatory.)

That is all.

Posted by: Sigivald at September 11, 2003 12:28 PM

I've been learning how to turn that frown upside down! Oh wait. No I haven't.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at September 11, 2003 06:37 PM