October 08, 2003

What's "unlikely" about it? Oh well...

Interesting Chicago Trib article about bloggers being an "unlikely new source of talent" and moving into that whole getting-paid-to-write area:

"It's a fundamentally meritocratic medium," says Gawker Media president Nick Denton, who hired [Elizabeth] Spiers. "Quality [rises] quickly on the Web."

So basically, the rest of us suck. Ha ha!

But no. Good writing is being recognized even though it's not printed on paper, and how cool is that? My own blogthusiasm is a bit low lately, but I'm still amazed that I can type out some half-baked crap on this deal and within 20 minutes I'll get an interesting e-mail about it. The stalkers and attack sites and comment-spammers and so forth, those are eclipsed by the positive aspects of blogging. I think.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 8, 2003 10:45 AM