December 06, 2003

You Can Stop Holding Your Breath Now

Here are my votes in the Wizbang 2003 Let's Bring Out the Worst in Everybody Awards. Not that these are the ones I think are going to win, necessarily, but they would if I had veto powers.

Best Overall Blog: A Small Victory

Instapundit is the only one I can picture wearing overalls, ha ha. But Michele links to me more often, so she gets my vote.

Best New Blog (Established in 2003): Ilyka Damen

She's nice to me, which, again, is the best reason to vote for anybody in anything.

Best Group Blog: No vote

Don't read any of 'em.

Best Foreign Blog: Tim Blair

Usually I don't like to encourage blatant foreignness, but in Tim's case I'll make an exception. That Merde in France guy is a hoot, though.

Best Humor Blog: Girls Are Pretty

I didn't find out about these awards until it was too late to nominate myself so I could get clobbered. So, that's the only blog on the list that has ever made me laugh out loud.

Best Looking Blog: Inside Gretchen's Head

Only one I've heard of.

Best Female Authored Blog: Sugarmama

My personal favorite wasn't on the list because technically she's a he, so I went with Sugarmama. Here's why. (Hey, I didn't make up the category.)

Best Liberal Blog: Michael J. Totten

Because "liberal" need not mean "screechy."

Best Conservative Blog: Instapundit

The only one I read regularly.

Best Media/Journalist Blog: Buzzmachine

This was by far the toughest pick, but Jeff Jarvis is tops.

The Rest of Them: Bored now, and nobody cares anyway.

Posted by Jim Treacher at December 6, 2003 10:12 AM