December 09, 2003

I'm Very Disappointed in You

Yes, you. Don't look around, all like, "Who, me?" I'm talking to you. Why didn't you tell me about Sour Bob before? Why didn't you grab me by the lapels and bark, "Jim, for the love of Ted Neeley! Take a break from hitting Refresh on the same old handful of blogs, dummy. You already know what they're going to say, don't you? Or they're just posting something because they're awake. Fuck that shit. Go check out Sour Bob. Read the archives. Do it, you idiot." But no. I bet you'd let me walk around with a stalk of broccoli sticking out of my teeth too, huh? Yeah, thanks. Thanks a lot, friend.

Posted by Jim Treacher at December 9, 2003 09:24 AM