December 17, 2003

The Best of Me

It's the time of year for "Best of" lists, so why not a Best of Treacher list? WHY NOT?!? I've gone through my archives for the last 12 months and picked my 10 favorite posts. Well, there were only 8 that stood out, but the other 2 are okay too. Links are below, and you can pick your favorite in the poll in the top-right corner of the main page. Because it's fun to vote for things that don't matter.

January 30
Jimmy Kimmel Drunk*

March 27
Removing Saddam Nonviolently: A Tale

March 29
Garofalo to Be Lowered into Shredder

April 16
25 Onion-Type Headlines, At Least 3 of Which Are Funny

April 21
Fake Anti-War Poster That Apparently Wasn't Ridiculous and Wrongheaded Enough to Be Disqualified from an Anti-War Poster Contest (Until I Posted This)

April 26
First appearance of SEKK-Z

May 7
Getting the Ball Rolling on Indiana Jones 4

May 29
You Already Know The Matrix Reloaded Sucked, But Hey, This Made Me Feel Better

June 23

November 22 (Quite a gap there, huh?)
Michael Jackson Looks Like Ray Bolger, and I Made Up Some Lyrics About It

If nothing else, at least this proves that over the course of 365 days, I can generate a good 7 minutes' worth of mildly diverting material. Even more if you have a reading disability. Not you personally, more the general "you."

*Last night I watched Kimmel for the first time since I wrote this review, because I heard Zach Galifianakis was his guest host all this week. If Tuesday's show was any indication, things have not improved over the last 11 months. Kimmel still manages to make female guests grit their teeth and shut down completely just by opening his mouth, he still relies on his buddies like Ben Stein to fill the guest chair (and live network airtime), and he's still fascinated with "performers" who aren't So Bad They're Good, but rather So Bad You're an Idiot for Putting Them on Your Already-Awful Show, You Fratfuck Moron. His "Talent of the Future" segment should be called "Guess That Neurological Disorder." Maybe Kimmel and Stern could have a Tard-Off.

Posted by Jim Treacher at December 17, 2003 07:34 PM