February 14, 2004

The Treacher A/V Club

If you've got BitTorrent and you haven't seen the act of faux-canine defecation that reduced Quebec to bitter tears of rage, check it out. Vive le poop!

Also, I like The Eagles of Death Metal. They don't sound like The Eagles or death metal, so that's two points for them right there. Plus, it's got a guy from a famous band playing an instrument he usually doesn't play in that band. (Not Dave Grohl, but you're close.) Check out their song "I Only Want You" here, and they've got a whole live album posted here.

Also also, Fluxblog always has interesting music. I keep meaning to link to that.

Also also also, if you're a fan of the show Angel and you don't want the WB to cancel it like they just said they're going to do after this season, go here for your instructions. It'll do as much good as every other fan petition, but it makes people feel better.

Posted by Jim Treacher at February 14, 2004 10:37 AM