March 01, 2004

I finally get a Gawker link, and it's for linking to somebody else?

Go figure.

face2.jpgHey, as long as I've got the Movable Type open and some traffic coming in, check out Garth Marenghi (pictured). He's a fictional* "best-selling horror writer," and he'll appeal to anybody who's read way too many Stephen King novels and feels vaguely guilty about it. Like me. Might be too dry for some, but I laughed out loud at the impossibly bad excerpts from his "canon," and just his completely false and subtly self-incriminating sense of importance in general.

Plus, he's got a show on Channel 4 in Britain called Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, which I think is supposed to be a parody of Lars Von Trier's The Kingdom. Kind of like what that new ABC show looks to be, except intentionally bad and funny. And with no Andrew McCarthy. (Sorry, ladies!) I don't know if Darkplace will ever be shown in the States, but you could probably find it online if you looked around, cough cough cough. You probably never thought that crappy splatterschlock novelists deserved the Spinal Tap treatment, but it turns out they do.

Update: Check out the Darkplace intro and theme music ("based on melodies originally whistled by Garth Marenghi"). It should give you the idea.

*As in, it's a character. He's not a real guy.

Posted by Jim Treacher at March 1, 2004 09:47 AM