March 26, 2004

The following post is my entry in this contest

The other day I got one of those new Reach flossers. It looks like a toothbrush, except instead of bristles on the end, there's a little two-pronged attachment with floss stretched across the prongs. You hold it like a toothbrush and move the floss up and down between your teeth and below your gumline. The handle is translucent yellow, with little rubberized ridges for a better grip. It comes with 8 floss attachments. The instructions say to replace the attachment every day, but I've been soaking the floss end in Listerine (the new citrus flavor) after each use, so I think it'll be okay to use each attachment for a few days to save a little money. It's a lot easier to use than regular dental floss. I'll be flossing my teeth a lot more often from now on.

Posted by Jim Treacher at March 26, 2004 03:11 PM