April 19, 2004

Random nerd thoughts that are too stupid to say out loud on the bus, which makes them perfect for the blog format

The O.C. is Happy Days in reverse. Happy Days started off as the story of a total nerd, but then the cool, edgy guy ran off with the show.

Johnny Ryan needs to come out of his shell a little bit.

Space Ghost is 10 years old. Well, Space Ghost himself is like 37, but the show where they made him interesting is 10. I've been taking every open shift I can get at Arby'sŪ, and I'm hoping to save up enough money to get Cartoon Network turned on again. But Happy Birthday, Space Man, Space Master!

If you're still waiting for issue #13 of The Tick comic book, which is only about 11 years late, check out Tales of the Vampires #4. It's an anthology comic set in the Buffyverse (which is another way of saying "the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer," if you like squishing words together), written by Joss Whedon and some of his crew. Tick creator and Angel staff writer Ben Edlund wrote and drew one of the stories in the latest issue, which I believe is his first comics work since he became a TV big shot. He also drew the cover, which has a big Darwin Fish on it, and the story itself is about one very unsettling vampire's relationship with God (or a reasonable facsimile). You don't really need to know anything about Buffy, The Tick, or atheism to enjoy it. Just a creepy, clever little short story that packs a lot into 6 pages. Edlund hasn't lost his touch. I hope this whets his appetite for more comics work, Tick-related or otherwise, but I'm not holding my breath.

Achewood gets praise from both The Comics Journal and Dave Barry. See? I was right all along! (Huh, somewhere along the line I apparently deleted the Achewood button on the right side of the page. I am a webdolt.)

Despite Cathy Seipp's claims, I am not "the funniest man in the blogosphere." At least not since the operation.

I'm really tired and I smell like curly fries. But what else is new?

Oh yeah, and here's my review of Kill Bill, Vol. 2 in pseudo-clever/lazy haiku format:

In a mobile home
Swordplay is problematic
But keep an eye out

Posted by Jim Treacher at April 19, 2004 10:11 AM