April 20, 2004

That's Amputainment

We've all heard of jumping the shark, of course, but Garry Trudeau has decided to try a different method: shanking the stump. "Not your time, bro!", a suddenly-boot-surplussed B.D. is exhorted. "Not today!" Referring to their scheduled place-kicking contest, I guess. And apparently, seeing him without his helmet after all these years is supposed to add some sort of dramatic power to the sequence. Personally, I was more worried about how much he must spend on Grecian Formula.

(I was going to make a joke here about how Doonesbury is now officially the final season of M*A*S*H*, but then I realized it's already been AfterM*A*S*H* for quite some time.)

Not to be outdone, Boondocks writer/artist Aaron McGruder, taking a break from phoning in his strip -- literally -- and beefing with Bil Keane, Johnny Hart, and several other frail septuagenarians, announced that an upcoming storyline will depict Huey's harrowing struggle to put his life back together after losing the use of his afro.

Posted by Jim Treacher at April 20, 2004 10:33 PM