May 06, 2004

The very last scene of Friends, as written by someone who has never sat through an entire episode but has picked up bits and pieces due to the show's enervating cultural ubiquity

The guy who's all funny and wacky and fat and skinny and fat and skinny: Well, I guess this is it!

The tall guy with the face problem: Yep. This is... yep.

Courtney Cox: God, I'm so hungry.

The super-stupid guy: Pancakes. I want pancakes. Pancakes.

Jennifer Aniston: Pancakes could be good. I'm married to Brad Pitt in real life.

The ugly blonde lady who was in those Billy Crystal movies: HAIL SATAN!!! [Whips out six-shot revolver and shoots them all in the head, then herself]


Here's one by a guy who I guess watches the show

Posted by Jim Treacher at May 6, 2004 05:50 PM