July 08, 2004

If Michael Moore were capable of shame, his toes would be curling up into his shins right now

Because Lileks just dropped a HOUSE on him. (The Thickened Bitch of the East?) Must-read, Best Bleatdown Ever, etc.

Speaking of the lipid-distended truth-eschewer of the moment, what was his deal on The Daily Show tonight? They did a segment on that hapless Michael Moore Hates America guy, Mike Wilson, and Moore himself showed up for a couple of sight gags at the kid's expense. The last shot, after they'd established that Wilson hasn't been able to get an interview with Moore, showed correspondent Samantha Bee clinking champagne glasses with the spherical socialist and grinning conspiratorially. Wilson was not invited, of course. Hey look, a rich old asshole is dodging a scrappy, inexperienced young filmmaker and indulging himself with his ill-gotten gains! Yay! Go team! Hey, waitaminnit...

So I guess that was the "joke"? He's gone from Roger and Me to Me, I'm Now Roger? This is a source of pride, then? Or maybe it's like a meta thing? Or...? As is often the case with Moore, the only coherent message I could find in it is that he's driven by spite.

P.S. Is there any truth to the rumor that the next Spider-Man movie will be a hard-hitting documentary by J. Jonah Jameson called Arachnid 411?

Posted by Jim Treacher at July 8, 2004 12:14 AM