July 27, 2004

Things you can look at on your computer

The team coverage of the 2004 DNC by Welch & Blair (or Blair & Welch, depending on how you feel about Australians). This, along with Layne's musings, will be my only voluntary exposure to this first of two quadrennial CO2-expulsion festivals.

Pictures of Atrios, which I think were the deciding factor in limiting my exposure to the 2004 DNC.

Shouldn't You Be Working? Every week in this feature, cartoonist Johnny Ryan posts a disgusting cartoon lampooning some comic strip or superhero comic. For the last few weeks he's been making poopies all over Marvel Comics. Do not read these cartoons if you're offended by jokes about pee-pees, poo-poos, same-sex sex, or any combination thereof. If you do like that sort of stuff, you can buy his books here.

The Achewood blogs (scroll down, to the right). I don't think anybody has used blogs in quite this way before. If they have, I doubt they've done it this well. Put the 11(!) Atom feeds in your Bloglines thingie and watch the stories unfold.

Whatever else you feel like, I'm not your babysitter.

Posted by Jim Treacher at July 27, 2004 08:31 AM