September 10, 2004

For some reason, this morning I'm reminded of one of the faux-Onion headlines I wrote a while ago

Dan Rather Ignores Pesky Sprites

You know, if I had any Photoshop skills, I'd come up with some more "newly discovered documents": FDR's Powerpoint presentation on how to best capitalize on the upcoming Pearl Harbor attack, transcripts of Lincoln's phone conversations with his gay lover, etc. It would be cool to get to go on 60 Minutes... (D'oh! Way ahead of me. (And another good one. (And I know it's not popular to admit that Charles Johnson might be right about anything, but if you can look at this and still try to hold out hope it's not a fake? Bitch please. (And yet another one. Quick reminder: They didn't have MS Word in '73. (And another. Back and to the left... (And this one, with animation and sound effects even!))))))

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 10, 2004 07:40 AM