October 18, 2004

Deep Inner Connection

You wish faget. I just bet you want to ease it in Treach. I always figure you liked it better on the bottom though thats more your speed.

Hey there people its your ol buddy Americrunch. You can call me Crunch or Crunchster or EW but just dont forget to call me when its Miller Time. Thats a pretty good one. Any ways I guess you think its going to be business as usual around here huh. Well thats where your sadly mistaken my fine liberal friend. Im sick of this Treacher butt surfer always pussy footing around shit so thats not what your going to get from me. The Crunchman tells it like it is. You dont like it you can lump it. Your saying Oh Crunchster how can you be so force full. Hell just comes natural I guess. Dont cross me and we wont have any problems got me. Your not dealing with that little wuss retard Puce your dealing so try to step up if you can intelectualy.

I will be covering a lot of topics but I dont take requests but if you want to email me its captamericrunch@aol.com. Why dont you bring some of that lefty bull shit and see how well you do pal. It might not go the way you planed but hey its your funeral.

Okay I guess thats all I got for now but just watch your ass. Instead of watching other dudes assess queerbait.

Posted by Captain Americrunch at October 18, 2004 08:00 AM