November 09, 2004

Well, they call it that for a reason

Somehow my latest submission to The Black List didn't make it. So here it is:

The stricken look on the face of Judy Woodruff, 11/2/04: Did she just find out she had some sort of lethal, incurable, and horribly painful illness? Beloved dog died? Soufflé collapsed? What was up with Judy? Oh... Yeah. That. She looks like Miss Hathaway from The Beverly Hillbillies at the best of times, but on election night you could actually see her face caving into her skull. I haven't seen a brow that furrowed since somebody asked Ashton Kutcher to give them two $10s for a $5. I know I'm supposed to run screaming into the street because [Name deleted for reasons of propriety] got (re)elected and we're all gonna die, but it was kind of worth it just to see Woodruff and everybody else who thought they knew what was going on looking like they were going to faint, throw up, or faint into their throw-up. Since I know these guys won't publish this, I give it an: A+
Posted by Jim Treacher at November 9, 2004 05:41 AM