December 08, 2004

Consider it your punishment for not voting

I'm going to keep on it until you start to see the picture. You need to get going over here. Right now I'm at 2.6% out of around 35,000 votes, which is... [math math math] 900 votes or so? I'm getting around 1,200 unique visits per day, so that means not even all you regulars are voting for me. You need to get your mind right, and I mean now.

Nothing against the other nominees, of course. I'm sure they're all worthwhile in their own way. Or, each one is, in his or her individual way, as far as being worthwhile, is what I'm saying. But come on, man. Eighth place? You guys just don't care, do you. You just don't care. Well, you'll care when I turn this thing into a Moore/Rall/Kos fansite. Leave me in eighth place and just see if I don't.

Posted by Jim Treacher at December 8, 2004 04:08 PM