September 09, 2005

Too soon?

Broadcasting & Cable reports:

Fox has substituted one original episode of Family Guy for another on Sunday, the debut of its new fall season lineup that night, because the episode scheduled to air contained a "couple" references to a hurricane.

"Out of sensitivity to what happened, we’re moving it back a couple weeks," a Fox spokesman told B&C.

In other news:

  • FX has announced that reruns of the movie X-Men will be corrected to remove any trace of the character Storm. (Oddly enough, this was in the works even before Katrina.)
  • According to TBS, The Waterboy will now be called The Adventures of the Endearing Cajun Stereotype (New Orleans Will Rebuild).
  • Cartoon Network's Adult Swim bloc of programming is on hiatus pending name change. Contenders include Pack Another Bowl, Three Hours of Colorforms and Two Laughs, and It's Okay, Mommy & Daddy Are Asleep.
  • Summers Eve is changing its Tropical Rain Twin Pack to the less insensitive Super Awesome Double-Barreled Slit Rinse.

Enough, right?

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 9, 2005 01:17 PM