February 09, 2006

Nice try, Whitey

Okay, okay, so an Egyptian newspaper printed these supposedly blasphemous cartoons last year. During Ramadan. And nobody made a peep. You think that's a "gotcha," huh? Well, what you don't get is that they can show this kind of thing to each other. They get to do that. It's like if you're a person of, oh, Irish or possibly French extraction, and you go up to a fellow whose ancestors came from, let's say, a sunnier climate, and you refer to him by a bad word that rhymes with "snigger." What are you thinking??? You do not get to do that. But if that gentleman then turns away from your bleeding corpse and addresses one of his business associates by the same epithet, it's considered a term of warmth and respect. They might even share a bit of a laugh about it. It's their thing.

In sum: These cartoons are a Muslim thing. You wouldn't understand.

Posted by Jim Treacher at February 9, 2006 09:20 AM