December 19, 2006

Welcome Alicublog readers!

Hello, Roy and friends. Sorry about the state of this place; I've been neglecting it of late. Most of my blogging time these days is spent over at the Blowing Smoke blog. It's not really the sort of thing you guys love to hate, but I'm sure it would meet with your disapproval for other reasons. Enjoy! (And thanks to Roy for the compliment. I think...)

P.S. Here's some older stuff of mine to offend your sensibilities:

Pope: "Islam Can Suck It'
Secret CIA Interrogation Techniques Revealed!
He Only Joined Because He Thought They Said 72 Sturgeons
...and a bunch of other crap
Oh, and how could I forget the Crunchster

Posted by Jim Treacher at December 19, 2006 02:10 PM