May 15, 2007

Response to Al at Cold Fury

I'm not pissed at you. And I never said you shouldn't criticize anybody. I differed with those criticisms, and I fact-checked you (O&A never paid anybody to have sex in a church), and I've been trying to provide the context that's missing from most of the news coverage, but I never said you shouldn't be allowed to say whatever you want. You can tell the difference, can't you?

If you're not trying to get somebody fired from their job for saying something you don't like, then I'm not talking about you.

"He also tries to make the point that Opie and Anthony are somehow friends of conservatives because they skewered some Truthers once and therefore deserve our support."

Not just that, but it's one example. They also defended Imus to the teeth and spoke out against the vulturous media coverage of the Virginia Tech murderer, just to name two recent examples. Opie leans to the left, and Anthony and Jim Norton lean to the right. They're all critics of the media. Which doesn't help them much when it's their turn in the barrel, of course.

Look, I'm not saying you have to like those guys. I'm saying that this goes beyond what happens to a couple of "shock jocks." It's the principle of the thing. Who's to say your favorite radio guy won't be next? Or somebody on TV? Hell, even a blogger?

Here, check out the segment from Glenn Beck's show last night where he talked about this trend. What he says is what I've been trying to say.

Posted by Jim Treacher at May 15, 2007 08:23 PM