September 05, 2008



I've been struggling to think of a metaphor to adequately describe the press's treatment of Vice President Palin over the past week. My first thought was, "It's kind of like raping your blind date at her doorstep, and then demanding to borrow some money and her car." But anybody who tried that with Palin would end up hanging from the rafters of a smokehouse.

I dunno. My gut feeling is that she should cheerfully decline all interviews until such time as she damn well feels like it. Let these hacks claw at their whorish faces in frustration as her poll numbers skyrocket. How in the world do these arrogant slugs think she owes them a single solitary thing? They've abdicated their role as advocates for their audience, and they're clearly serving as surrogates for a vendetta against this lady and the people she loves. Stugots.

Osama and those other losers make demands of us all the time. Do we jump through their hoops? Palin should treat the media like the terrorists they are: No negotiation. And no warning when she strikes.

P.S. Sounds like they agree. McCain campaign statement:

Gov. Sarah Palin spoke directly to 40 million people on Wednesday night. Only in the warped worldview of the beltway media establishment would that constitute a ‘cone of silence’. We will conduct our campaign our way and on our timeline.

I'd have added: "Alaska has many beautiful lakes, into which any media professional demanding access to Gov. Palin can jump."

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 5, 2008 08:16 AM