September 06, 2008

A cheerful, bespectacled hockey mom has turned the entire mainstream media into one big suicide bomb, and all she had to do was show up

Here's today's talking point at a blog comment thread near you:

“Sarah Palin's scared of the press! What's she hiding? Why isn't she letting them do her a favor by interviewing her?”

Not that anybody with a bit of common sense can't figure it out, but I'll explain it to everybody else: Because the press hasn't earned it yet. She was in the national spotlight for all of three days before once-legitimate newspapers started running with demented Internet rumors that she'd faked her pregnancy. Why would she now assume they're acting in good faith? The only people who are screaming to see her interviewed are the ones who are desperate for ammunition to use against her. Why give it to them?

"The people have a right to know!" Yeah, the people have a right to know things that are true. These dimwits lost the right to use that argument when they ran with all these crazy slurs like it was the day before the election. It's as if she said "Hi, how are you?" and they returned the greeting by trying to stab her in the heart. And now that they've missed, they're trying to guilt her into buying them lunch. The effrontery is mindboggling. She's under no obligation to help these creeps sell ads. She's getting huge crowds and high poll numbers already, and so far she doesn't need them to do it. The more they try to make her look like the bad guy for avoiding them, the more they will be despised.

These news weasels have nobody to blame but themselves. There's already a list as long as your arm of unfounded accusations (and true, but irrelevant, factoids) that the orchestrators of this blatant smear campaign have thrown at her, and the news is doing its level best to thoroughly investigate each and every one. If they dug into Obama's connections to black separatists and domestic terrorists and other hope-and-change advocates as thoroughly as they're digging into Palin's PTA records and pizza delivery receipts, we might have a whole different election. But that would only happen in some sort of mirror universe, one in which Obama had joined a different party.

These pathetic cretins have come up empty again and again, but they still can't stop. The more they realize that this woman really might be as squeaky-clean as advertised, the harder they try to find something. Anything. And the dumber they look, the angrier and sloppier they get. Every “Gotcha!” turns into a “D'oh!”

Good. Keep it up until Nov. 4, you noble gatekeepers.

Not that anybody'll see it. I can't wait for the graphs of cable news ratings and newspaper circulation numbers this month. They'll resemble Obama's frown lines on Wednesday night.

To put it much more succinctly: This mother of five has put the entire journalism industry on timeout. No wonder they're crying.

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 6, 2008 03:18 PM