September 08, 2008

Here's how Palin should handle those who are trying to destroy her, sometimes known as "the press"

Patterico links to a Youtube clip of Sarah Palin being interviewed on C-SPAN last February 28, and Simon at Stubborn Facts has more. She comports herself well in that first clip, I think. And for you people who keep asking how can she handle the job with all those kids -- I believe you're known as "concern trolls," right? -- please note that she was seven months pregnant at the time of that interview.

But Patterico has this caveat:

Of course, these interviews aren't conducted by jackals trying to trip her up with pop quizzes about the identity of the leader of Podunkstan. It will indeed be interesting to see how she handles those sorts of questions, but I won't be cringing for her I'll be looking forward to watching her take off the heads of the idiots who ask her the questions.

Yeah, if she's as clever and strategic as she's shown herself to be over the last 10 days, her answer to hostile interviewers who want to play Pop Quiz -- which is pretty much all of them -- should be along these lines:

"You do realize that presidents and vice presidents have support staffs, don't you? When a vice president needs an answer to something like that, she gets it almost before she finishes the question. I can send you a box set of The West Wing if you need a refresher. What a great show. It also portrayed the importance of speechwriters in presidential politics, which apparently our distinguished opponents thought everyone had forgotten the other night. Maybe because real-life speechwriters don't tend to look like Rob Lowe? Or maybe only Democrats are allowed to have them.

"But back to your question. You seem to be implying that if I don't know something you didn't learn about until you were preparing for this interview, somehow that means I'm not qualified for office. I realize you're just doing your job, but don't you think the American people want a leader, not a Jeopardy winner?

"And by the way: Did you ever ask John Edwards that question?"

Smiling all the while.

P.S. And 10 minutes after it airs, the newly minted, completely grassroots will demand an apology...

P.P.S. Shadooby.

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 8, 2008 03:49 AM