September 13, 2008

ABC: Anything But Candor

If you're a longtime media pro like Charlie Gibson and you've convinced yourself that a vice-presidential candidate is an ignorant, warmongering yokel because she has an (R) after her name, apparently you won't even let her own words disabuse you of that notion. Newsbusters has the details.

And if you're a longtime media consumer and feel like writing to Mr. Gibson, click here. This is the letter I just sent:

Dear Charlie,

Thanks for your interview with Sarah Palin, but we have one request. Next time, could you not treat her like a genocidal pedophile who just strangled your dog? Charles Manson got a fairer shake than this woman.

And if you could avoid editing out anything that makes her look good, hitting her with nebulous gotcha questions that nobody else on earth could answer any better than she did, and just plain making stuff up, that'd be great too.

Your Dwindling Viewership

(You're limited to 500 characters on the web form. Good idea on their part. I submitted this as "Stewart Pidaso," which I think you'll agree is the height of wit.)

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 13, 2008 03:51 PM