September 15, 2008

Kos reveals more about himself than he probably intended*

To all the concerned people emailing me about "being played", don't waste your time. I'm not about to revert to writing puff pieces about Obama thinking that his magic "new politics" [caca del toro] will carry us to victory. He may or may not believe that crap, but I don't. We're going to win this thing the way campaigns are won -- by playing hardball. Politics is a blood sport. Republicans understand this and never flinch from flinging the [word he doesn't get to use in Newsweek]. We won't win until we learn to fight back in kind. And I'm more than happy to get down in the mud with our friends on the Right so Obama doesn't have to.

We know, honey. So far, so good! ;)

*Assuming he has any sort of self-knowledge at all, which perhaps is being kind.

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 15, 2008 09:06 AM