September 18, 2008

An analogy for my fellow bloggers who may lean more to the left

Quick hypothetical with regard to my previous post about the "Obama Action Wire." Let's say the official John McCain website targets you. Something like:

"Blogger X is a lying teller of untruths, and everybody needs to tell this despicable fibber that he or she shouldn't talk about me anymore. Here's a list of things to say in his or her comments. Go, now, hurry."

You suddenly get thousands of hostile comments, all saying the exact same thing. And when they're asked to elaborate on the reasoning behind their opinion, they can't. Because McCain didn't write that part down for them.

Now, in this scenario, wouldn't it be a bit tough to sort through all the thousands of identical crap comments to get to the folks who were actually thinking for themselves? Would you assume that all those commenters, saying the exact same thing but completely unable to defend their assertions, were merely exercising their right to free speech?

Or wouldn't you see it as a form of spamming, and an attempt to intimidate you into leaving McCain alone?

Probably not. Never mind.

P.S. Ace Slublog: "One of the great ironies of this election is that liberals are worshiping a guy who embodies everything they claim to hate about the Bush administration."

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 18, 2008 11:27 AM