September 23, 2008

Quick correction for Marc Ambinder

Over at a once-prestigious magazine called The Atlantic, Ambinder says this about the Ethan Winner story:

Partisans of the Republican ticket have every right to believe that the Obama campaign is malevolent, and to assume the worst of motivations; certainly, liberal partisans reciprocate. But it takes a willfull [sic] suspension of belief [sic] to assume that the Obama campaign is stupid.

Does it take a willful suspension of disbelief to assume that the Obama campaign is arrogant? Because that's what this behavior is. That's why you would put up a blatantly slanderous Youtube video about your opponent via a thinly disguised surrogate. It's not stupid; it's arrogant.

And why wouldn't Obama be arrogant at this point? His proven ties to racial separatists and domestic terrorists are no problem for the media. They're too busy digging into Palin's PTA squabbles and traffic tickets and whatever else to bother looking into Obama's involvement in Freddie & Fannie. McCain's melanomas are supposedly career-ending, but Biden's aneurysms aren't. Not to mention the media's total lack of curiosity about Obama's medical condition, which we know almost nothing about. If Obama's getting away with all that and more, why would he worry about getting caught out doing something like this? He knows he's got fast-fading media outlets like The Atlantic to cover for him. He can just deny it and blame McCain. They'll buy it.

Speaking of the cover of The Atlantic...

Posted by Jim Treacher at September 23, 2008 07:08 PM