October 02, 2008

Liveblog the debate? Why not?

There's supposed to be a CoverItLive window there, but I'm not sure it works with this crappy version of Movable Type I've never bothered to update. If not, click here.

Well, that sucks. CoverItLive crapped out on me after 2 minutes. Guess I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way...

  • So far, so boring. I did like "Can I call ya Joe?" She made sure to get that on the mic.
  • She's looking at him. It was bad when McCain didn't do that, so it'll be interesting to see why it's bad when she does.
  • Common sense. She'll take some heat for that.
  • Joe hasn't mentioned anything yet about how this reminds him of FDR's comments on the Cuban Missile Crisis in his interview with Arsenio Hall.
  • Snaps!
  • Yes! She's hitting the "paying taxes is patriotic" thing. Nice.
  • Ooohh, Gwen's seeing dollar signs.
  • Corporations bad. Bad corporations!
  • "Bridge to nowhere." Good, now a book-banning reference. Wait, no, Troopergate! Oh, there are so many urban legends to choose from.
  • "How long have I been at this, five weeks?" She's sassy. Which is bad! I want a boring VP.
  • Joe Biden is super-boring.
  • I have no idea if what she's saying is true, but at least she's putting some inflection in her voice.
  • Biden's about to contribute to global warming.
  • That's an odd way of putting it: "What's true and what's false about the causes of global warming?" Even scientists can't agree on what's true or not, no matter what Al Gore says. How are a couple of politicians supposed to know?
  • Oooh, she just gave him a "rape kit" opening. (No pun intended.)
  • I thought Obama was against gay marriage? Guess not.
  • Ah! Obama is against gay marriage. So Biden's previous answer was... unclear.
  • Well, if she thinks Iraq is so great, why doesn't she send her own... oh yeah. Never mind.
  • Was that the first reference to Bush tonight?
  • "Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq." Damn!
  • Well, Palin does have the advantage of not campaigning against her own running mate and being reminded of what she said about him.
  • First Cheney reference.
  • Wow, Obama will go after Bin Laden if he actually finds out where the guy is. Whereas nobody's been looking so far.
  • They're gonna hit her on "new-kew-lur."
  • "Talk. Talk. Talk." Whoever said that to Joe should be slapped silly.
  • "Spaiiii-nuh."
  • That's it, Joe, sigh into the mic.
  • Sounds like he needs some Nasonex.
  • Wow, where are these George bushes he keeps talking about?
  • If he doesn't calm down, he might have another aneurysm.
  • Sigh, Joe. Sigh.
  • Smile while you put in the dagger, darlin'.
  • It should be noted that Ifill seems to be fair so far.
  • So they had an answer for this one written down...
  • Didn't Biden just talk about going into Darfur? But now he's against intervention? Maybe I'm just misunderstanding him.
  • Joe's just plain folks.
  • "Say it ain't so, Joe!" She's been waiting to use that one.
  • It's a Folksier Than Thou contest.
  • Nice. That actually seemed like a genuine moment of them both laughing at the same joke.
  • "He's president, not me." Slow down, Joe.
  • Yeah, keep trying to tie this lady to Cheney. Good luck.
  • That whispery thing she does, she could maybe not do that so much.
  • That's it, Joe, you're just too darn passionate. That reminds me of something George Washington said in his first radio address during the Civil War...
  • Does anybody believe Joe Biden has ever had to worry about not having health insurance?
  • Maverick. Yes. We get it.
  • Don't blow a blood vessel, Joe. Yeah, it's annoying, but you just bulled over the moderator.
  • A little dig at the MSM. Good.
  • He should just say "Bush, Cheney, Bush, Cheney" over and over for 2 minutes. Or is it 10 minutes? With him it seems like 10 minutes.

Well, nobody screwed up as far as I could tell, beyond Biden's general douchiness. Even Ifill surpassed the meanspirited jibes thrown her way. I like Palin (if you hadn't figured it out yet) and I was worried that maybe she'd let all this stupid crap in the media get to her. Not only did that not happen, but she actually hit back at them in a very graceful way.

So, take it with as many grains of salt as you like, but she proved her detractors wrong and I'd say she won.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 2, 2008 09:56 PM