October 11, 2008

Zo of Machosauce Productions should be a star

I'm probably pressing my luck by embedding so many Youtube videos on one page, but this is just too good:


If this guy were speaking out for the left, and doing it with such energy and talent and humor and common sense and just plain awesomeness, he'd be a national phenomenon. He'd make the Obama Girl look like just another dumb bimbo with fake boobs. (Say, wait a sec...) He'd be front-paged on every liberal blog in the world. Olbermann would be drooling all down his suit. Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric would be cooing, "Why are you so amazing?" Soros would give him his own movie and recording studio with an unlimited budget.

And Jon Stewart? You don't even want to know the fluids that would be coming out of him.

But since those jerks don't have time for funny, talented people who disagree with them, we owe it to Zo, and to ourselves, to spread the word about him.

And if you do disagree with him, could you try explaining why, instead of resorting to personal attacks? Can you get through a paragraph without pulling the race card, dear heart? Keep in mind that he's not alone, and he's obviously not worried about you calling him names because he doesn't confirm your prejudices.

Keep up the good work, Zo!

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 11, 2008 01:14 PM