October 13, 2008

Fair enough

Just got this from that quixoticlife guy:

Re: Palin t-shirt

Hi Jim,

I just thought I'd let you know that the "must be signed in to see this content" change on the Palin t-shirts pic was Flickr's doing, not mine. The t-shirts also weren't my doing, and I didn't agree with them, though I do acknowledge my mistake in posting it at all. If you're interested, I discuss it more at length here:


While I imagine we probably have different views, I hope you'll see this as an honest attempt to think out loud about these issues. I can't seem to figure out how to comment on your blog, but you're welcome to comment on mine. [Here you go. -- JT]

For the record -- since you might make legitimate assumptions given that I was at an anti-Palin event -- I'm not a Democrat, or a Republican. While I don't agree with McCain-Palin's stances, I haven't always been super-thrilled with Obama either. Just to give a little context.

--ivan (quixoticlife)

I just read his essay about it at the link, and while he could have left out the whole "wars of imperialism" boilerplate, he does apologize and he seems refreshingly sincere.

If I have one comment, it's about this:

I want to be clear that I don't think there's anything at all wrong with treating elected officials who directly and indirectly harm others with contempt. There were some great other images of Sarah Palin "lookalikes" that I would proudly display. I think the pressure from elected officials to be "courteous," "respectful," "civil" and "civilized" is simply a way to disempower ordinary people and disconnect them from the prospect of real social change.

I couldn't agree more. (Although I don't know how great they are, really. And if I had created those signs, I'd have proofread them first.) That's why I will continue to mock and oppose Obama's attempts to stifle criticism by labeling it as racism. Not that Ivan has done this, but the same principle he's talking about applies there too. If somebody makes a racist attack -- or in the case of these shirts, a sexist attack -- that's wrong. If somebody talks about Obama's record, and he and his supporters call the critic a racist for it, that's also wrong. I don't see Palin telling her critics they should shut up or else they're misogynists. And it has nothing to do with "social change" or "leaders who directly or indirectly harm others." It has to do with living in America.

But thanks to Ivan for recognizing his mistake and not trying to blame it on anybody else. Let him be an example to the moron who made the shirts in the first place, and to the "impartial" reporter who blithely passed along the dimwitted canard she's using to justify herself.

P.S. This response t-shirt is pretty funny. I'm sure somebody has already accused them of using "coded language." (thx, matt)

P.P.S. Mocking false accusations of racism is racist.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 13, 2008 02:36 AM