October 14, 2008

Nobody at that Palin rally yelled that they wanted to kill Obama

Update: Now it turns out that nobody at that rally yelled that they wanted to kill anybody. It simply did not happen.

Patterico explains. They were yelling it about the person Palin had just mentioned: William Ayers. Which still isn't nice, no matter how many people the Weather Underground terrorized and killed, no matter how much ugly anti-American rhetoric they spewed. But it doesn't require an investigation by the Secret Service. That is, assuming Ayers doesn't still have his hand up the small of Obama's back.

But wait, that means the great Dana Milbank...


...was unclear. Certainly he'll have to set the record straight in the pages of the Washington Post, now that all these people have taken what he's written and used it to concoct huge lies about the political party he can't stand. After all, his reputation is on the line, isn't it?

Ha ha, just kidding. The WaPo probably gave him a raise.

P.S. And even if that guy had called for the death of a politician he doesn't like, would he really be setting a precedent?






Wouldn't make it right, of course, but it would force all the astroturfers in all the blog comments to explain why the "kill Bush" crap is protected political speech.

"But Palin was whipping up the crowd into a murderous frenzy!" No she wasn't. She dared to talk about Obama's years-long, if not decades-long, alliance with a terrorist. (And Ayers is a terrorist. He doesn't think what he did was wrong, and he won't rule out doing it again. He's no more a "former terrorist," or even a "former radical," than David Berkowitz is a "former murderer." Actually, that's not fair to the Son of Sam, who is actually paying for his crimes.) A handful of people, out of a crowd of thousands, went over the line with it. That's all that happened, and it only seems to be a problem for the media when the crowd is Republican.

All these lying, unethical pundits and reporters are trying to make you believe that not only did Palin hear that guy, but she assumed he was talking about Obama and she approved. Why would they say that if they had any regard for the truth?

Update: Media, leftosphere, Obama himself: "Sorry about that." Just kidding, they'd never actually say that.

Posted by Jim Treacher at October 14, 2008 11:43 AM